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Jim Doxas

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One of Canada’s most sought after musicians, Jim Doxas plays extensively both nationally and overseas. Distinguished for his improvisational approach to jazz, he makes the case that percussion can be as performative as a lyrical instrument. What distinguishes Doxas’ approach to improvisation is that he refuses to play it safe, allowing the moment to dictate the kind of framework that will contain, shape and guide the piece of music. 

2014 has seen the advent of several new projects including Riverside, Doxas’ most recent collaboration with Dave Douglas, Chet Doxas and Steve Swallow. Riverside has been received with great enthusiasm, including a 4-star review in DownBeat Magazine.

Over the last ten years, Jim has toured extensively with jazz piano legend Oliver Jones. It has proven to be an amazing journey of playing and traveling with this mentor. In addition, Jim is a very busy studio musician, both as a drummer and recording engineer, as well as a teacher at McGill University. His collaborations in the studio have garnered him many accolades: Juno Awards, Felix Awards as well as Grammy and Academy Award nominations.

jim doxas blind leap

Jim Doxas

Blind Leap (AJR028)