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  • Red Shift

    Red Shift

    Neil Swainson

    Neil Swainson leads this trio recording of renowned Canadian jazz musicians, offering a beautiful blend of original compositions and a sound crafted from more than a decade of collaboration. The trio format without drums leaves space for the harmonic detail and subtlety of the music crafted by these master artists.

  • What I Hear Now

    What I Hear Now

    Jerry Granelli

    Jerry Granelli brings a lifetime of influence and storytelling to his latest album. A deliberate exploration of horn writing and arranging, he features Canadian saxophone leader Mike Murley on this dynamic album. From the haunting harmonies in “Another Place” to the deep grooves on “The Swamp”, Jerry takes the listener on a journey through his own mind, and what he hears now.

  • X-treme Latin Jazz

    X-treme Latin Jazz

    Bobby Rice

    2015 JUNO nominated album by Bobby Rice features Latin jazz greats Hilario Duran and David Virelles!

  • Blind Leap

    Blind Leap

    Jim Doxas

    Jim Doxas(d) explores the theme of trust with collaborators Paul Schrofel(p) and Morgan Moore(b).

  • Weather Permitting

    Weather Permitting

    Kevin Dean

    Kevin Dean features Montréal greats André White, Janis Steprans, Alec Walkington, and Dave Laing on this terrific album of new compositions by one of Canada’s best.

  • Duets


    Tara Davidson

    Tara Davidson collaborates with six of Canada’s best (Braid, Biali, Murley, Downing, Hogg, and Occhipinti) to bring you this wonderful collection of tunes performed in her favourite musical setting – the duet.

  • Vista Obscura

    Vista Obscura

    Kirk MacDonald

    Juno award winning saxophonist & composer and nine-time nominee Kirk MacDonald hosts legendary American pianist Harold Mabern alongside Canadian greats bassist Neil Swainson, drummer André White, and saxophonist Pat LaBarbera.

  • Fishs Eddy

    Fishs Eddy

    Brian Dickinson Trio

    Brian Dickinson is joined by legendary bassist George Mraz and master drummer Ethan Ardelli to bring you this inspired collection of trio music.

  • Between Heaviness & Here

    Between Heaviness & Here

    Rich Brown

    Rich Brown translates his most intimate challenges and aspirations through this unique, open and honest offering of solo bass work.

  • 'Til Now Is Secret

    'Til Now Is Secret

    Nancy Walker

    Nancy Walker draws inspiration from a host of sources – artists, architects, landscapes and more in order to bring us this compelling collection of new compositions.

  • Off With The Cuffs

    Off With The Cuffs

    John Stetch

    Stetch gives a nod to the great tradition of improvisation in classical music and provides us with fresh takes on Mozart, Bach, Chopin, and Shostakovich.

  • In the Current

    In the Current

    Mike Downes

    Mike Downes presents a collection of ten extraordinary compositions performed beautifully by leading artists in Toronto. Enjoy!

  • Symmetry


    Kirk MacDonald

    With Tom Harrell, Brian Dickinson, Neil Swainson, and Dennis Mackrel. Explore the concept of symmetry in rhythm, harmony, melody, and form.

  • Ripple Effect

    Ripple Effect

    Mike Downes

    Mike Downes leads this incredible ensemble featuring pianist Robi Botos and drummer Ethan Ardelli, with guitarist Ted Quinlan on the title track. Together they create an inspired album of great music!

  • Automatic Vaudeville

    Automatic Vaudeville

    Relative Quartet

    A powerful new co-operative of four distinct and fearless improvisers and composers whose priority is original compositions. Chet Doxas (saxophone), John Stetch (piano) Michael Bates (bass), Owen Howard (drums).

  • Dive


    Chet Doxas

    The Juno nominated saxophonist, Chet Doxas has brought together some of the brightest voices on the New York jazz scene to perform his original compositions on ‘DIVE’, for Addo Records.The new formation of the Chet Doxas Quartet features guitarist, Matthew Stevens, bassist and long-time bandmate, Zack Lober, and drummer Eric Doob.

  • Nine


    Carn Davidson

    This must-have collection of grooves and solos by William Carn and Tara Davidson features many of Canada’s best players including Kelly Jefferson, Perry White, Jason Logue, Kevin Turcotte, Terry Promane, Andrew Downing, and Fabio Ragnelli.

  • Identity


    Shirantha Beddage

    Saxophonist Shirantha Beddage swings hard and showcases his incredible band in this must-have album of original music that pays tribute to Joe Henderson, John Coltrane, and Thelonious Monk.

  • Other Places

    Other Places

    Brian Dickinson Quartet

    The great Canadian pianist Brian Dickinson features legendary saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi along with rhythm greats Jim Vivian and Ted Warren on this creative masterpiece.

  • Family Suite for Large Ensemble

    Family Suite for Large Ensemble

    Kirk MacDonald Jazz Orchestra

    With P.J. Perry, Luis Deniz, Pat Labarbera, Perry White, Jason Logue, Brian O’Kane, Rob Smith, Kevin Turcotte, Joe Sullivan, Al Kay, Terry Promane, Kelsley Grant, Collin Murray, Lorne Lofsky, Nancy Walker, Neil Swainson, Barry Bomberg

  • Two of Clubs

    Two of Clubs


    An incredible and punchy trio album featuring the great Ted Warren on drums, Mike Murley on tenor, and Rich Brown on electric bass.

  • Deep Shadows

    Deep Shadows

    Kirk MacDonald Jazz Orchestra

    Kirk MacDonald follows up two JUNO nominated CDs with this world class band featuring Pat Labarbera, PJ Perry, Rob Smith, Kevin Turcotte, Al Kay, Lorne Lofsky and others playing MacDonald’s compositions, arranged by Joe Sullivan and Terry Promane.

  • Fabled States

    Fabled States

    John Stetch

    Master pianist, John Stetch offers something unique in this original jazz trio record. Full of exciting compositions and performances, this CD with Joe Martin and Greg Ritchie will become a favorite of your collection!

  • Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia

    Mikko Hildén

    The compelling music on this album will make it a favorite in your collection. These musicians achieve a cohesive sound that draws you in immediately. The ballads and the up tempo tunes are equally compelling and as a whole the album just works.

  • Songbook Vol. 2

    Songbook Vol. 2

    Kirk MacDonald Quartet

    This masterful and modern jazz album is on the leading edge of progressive jazz today and was nominated for a 2011 JUNO Award.

  • Around the Bend

    Around the Bend

    Brian Dickinson & Ted Quinlan

    This beautiful duo CD contains ten conversations between two of Canada’s great jazz musicians. They share original compositions as well as tunes by Thelonious Monk and Alex North. A must have for any serious jazz collector.

  • Arc-en-ciel


    Paul Read Orchestra

    This beautifully composed and performed jazz orchestra features many of Canada’s leading players and takes the listener on an emotional and virtuosic journey through the fantastic music of Paul Read.

  • No Destination

    No Destination


    A must-have collection of refreshing compositions that explore worldly influences, while continuing the tradition of jazz excellence in craftsmanship and improvisation; this is a great album example of a ‘real band’ working together on the music.

  • Streetscape


    Ted Quinlan

    Ted Quinlan (g), Kieran Overs (b), and Ted Warren (d) demonstrate remarkable skill as both ensemble and as soloists in a variety of settings on this ecclectic mix of Quinlan’s originals. Each incredible track is a single, unedited studio take.

  • Songbook Vol. 1

    Songbook Vol. 1

    Kirk MacDonald Quartet

    A must-have album from one of the leading saxophonists of today, featuring Canadian icons Neil Swainson (b) and Barry Romberg (d) with the gifted young pianist David Virelles playing from MacDonald’s prolific collection of compositions.